Month: January 2018

Diy Orthodontics? No Thanks!

Braces are a costly endeavor, no doubt. Maybe that’s why more people are turning to the possibility of DIY orthodontics. A quick Google search will reveal a seemingly endless stream of “do-it-yourself orthodontics” articles, each promising a fail-proof, at-home alternative to braces that’ll save you some precious money and time. At Showtime Smiles Orthodontics & […]

Why Are Interceptive Orthodontics Important?

Traditionally, it didn’t make sense for orthodontists to suggest braces until all of the baby teeth were replaced by adult teeth. But nowadays more orthodontists are praising the benefits of interceptive orthodontics. While this style of two-phase treatment might not be useful for everyone, it is proving to be a very effective treatment for kids […]

Why Traditional Braces Are Still Important

With so many types of orthodontic treatments available today, you might wonder why people still opt for the clunky, metal-mouth look of traditional braces. While each of these new treatments provide advantages over traditional braces, there are still some things that make traditional braces the best treatment option. Showtime Smiles Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry® is […]