A Molar Manicure??


The internet can be a very odd place, but the newest Instagram-worthy trend in nail art that has gone viral has got to be one of the strangest things we have seen in a long time.


The newest internet trend is something we like to call the Molar Manicure. The nail artist responsible for this design uses acrylic to mold the customer’s nails into shapes thick and chunky enough to resemble actual molars! These tooth-like masses of acrylic actually fit together the way that real teeth do, and the internet is freaking out.



This nail shape will certainly turn heads, but it may make every tasks (like texting) a little challenging. We love anything that allows you to embrace your identity and your journey with orthodontics! If you want to try this trend without going to this extreme, try some of these ideas for tooth-themed nail art designs. You can experiment with shark teeth in your designs, or go for more of a spooky, Halloween-esque skeleton smile manicure. Some of these design ideas even incorporate braces! Bonus points if you match the rubber bands on your actual braces to the ones you paint on your nails!


If you try any of this artwork out (even the acrylic molars!) show us! We’re orthodontists and we’d love to see our patients as fanatic about teeth as we are. We want your journey to a confident smile to be as fun as possible. Call our office today to schedule a consultation (about your actual teeth – we leave manicures to the nail professionals!).


What do you think of this trend? Let us know in the comments below!