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4 Types of Braces For Children and Teens

pediatric dentistry

A perfect smile is incredibly essential, but not everyone is born with one. Some children have misaligned teeth, while others have discolored yellow teeth. In today’s modern age of pediatric dentistry, a perfect smile can be crafted. A dentist for children would recommend braces to ensure all your child’s teeth are in the correct position. […]

A Few Quick Tips to Help You Protect Your Braces


Every year, Americans spend $111 billion on dental care with a chunk of this being spent by the 4 million Americans who wear braces. Dental misalignment is one issue many people wrestle with. As a result, the orthodontist they see will prescribe braces. There are different types of braces based on the material they are […]

What Are the Differences Between Metal Braces and Clear Braces?


Most people do not like visiting the dentist. For most people, this is a painful process full of confusion and frustration. But regular visits to the dentist could be one of the best choices you make for your overall health and well being. With regular visits, your dentist is able to detect any issues that […]

Pumpkin Pandemonium in McKinney: Braces-Friendly Edition

Autumn is the season of harvest, traditionally a time when farmers get to reap the fruits of their labor from spring and summer. Our favorite places to visit these days are the local pumpkin patches in McKinney. We love jumping in piles of leaves, riding around in wagons, and picking out ripe pumpkins for Halloween […]

10 Braces-Centric Costumes for Halloween

With October right around the corner, we’re all preparing for Halloween with spooky decorations, scary movies, and tons of candy! As everyone’s starting to think about what they want to be for Halloween, we’d like to remind our patients with braces that they can actually use their orthodontic treatment to enhance their costumes! At Showtime […]

Braces-Friendly Birthdays in McKinney

If you’re throwing a birthday party for a loved one who has recently gotten braces, there are a few considerations you might want to make. There are new diet restrictions for those with braces and certain activities might be off-limits, but that doesn’t mean birthdays can’t still be fun! At Showtime Smiles Orthodontics & Pediatric […]

Braces-Friendly School Meals in McKinney

For all our awesome patients who just got braces, congratulations! We’re so excited to see you go on this epic journey to healthy, beautiful teeth. It’s all going to be worth it at the end, but only if you take can make a few changes to adjust to your new life with braces. Parents, we […]

Braces Can Be Punk Rock Too!

It can be challenging and nerve-wracking for kids and teens to get braces during adolescence, and many orthodontic patients express concern about how braces will change the way they look and how others see them. We totally get it! Having braces isn’t all fun and games. But the truth is that in the long run, […]

A Brief History Of Braces

Have you ever wondered what orthodontics were like in ancient times? Or whether people cared about the alignment of their teeth at all? As it turns out, straight teeth have been sought after for thousands of years. Over the years archaeologists have uncovered rudimentary forms of braces from numerous civilizations across the world. At Showtime […]

Why Traditional Braces Are Still Important

With so many types of orthodontic treatments available today, you might wonder why people still opt for the clunky, metal-mouth look of traditional braces. While each of these new treatments provide advantages over traditional braces, there are still some things that make traditional braces the best treatment option. Showtime Smiles Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry® is […]