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What is a Tongue Crib?

Tongue Crib

What is a Tongue Crib? And What is it Used for? A tongue crib is an orthodontic appliance that is used to help patients take control and break bad habits including tongue thrusting or thumb sucking. A tongue crib will be used when a doctor, pediatric dentist, orthodontist or speech therapist identify a problem with […]

Tooth-Friendly New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year! The beginning of 2019 is the perfect opportunity to set some new goals for yourself and for your health. Why not include your teeth in those self-improvement plans? Whether you currently have braces or are just trying to take care of your teeth, there are plenty of ways to include your oral […]

Three Reason to Visit the Orthodontist in 2019!

Happy New Year from all of us at Showtime Smiles! With the new year comes new goals, intentions, and resolutions that we set for ourselves. For many people, their resolutions include getting healthier by implementing a new workout routine or deciding to make better food choices. One thing that is often forgotten, is that your […]

A Brief History Of Braces

Have you ever wondered what orthodontics were like in ancient times? Or whether people cared about the alignment of their teeth at all? As it turns out, straight teeth have been sought after for thousands of years. Over the years archaeologists have uncovered rudimentary forms of braces from numerous civilizations across the world. At Showtime […]

Diy Orthodontics? No Thanks!

Braces are a costly endeavor, no doubt. Maybe that’s why more people are turning to the possibility of DIY orthodontics. A quick Google search will reveal a seemingly endless stream of “do-it-yourself orthodontics” articles, each promising a fail-proof, at-home alternative to braces that’ll save you some precious money and time. At Showtime Smiles Orthodontics & […]

Why Are Interceptive Orthodontics Important?

Traditionally, it didn’t make sense for orthodontists to suggest braces until all of the baby teeth were replaced by adult teeth. But nowadays more orthodontists are praising the benefits of interceptive orthodontics. While this style of two-phase treatment might not be useful for everyone, it is proving to be a very effective treatment for kids […]

Why Traditional Braces Are Still Important

With so many types of orthodontic treatments available today, you might wonder why people still opt for the clunky, metal-mouth look of traditional braces. While each of these new treatments provide advantages over traditional braces, there are still some things that make traditional braces the best treatment option. Showtime Smiles Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry® is […]

Orthodontics and Your Overall Health

Many patients believe that orthodontic treatments exist purely to make our teeth straight and improve our appearance. While it is true that orthodontics can give you a straight smile, there are a number of additional benefits to attaining such. In fact, without straight teeth you could be at risk for a host of adverse health […]