Film Making in McKinney

As movie fanatics at Showtime Smiles Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry, we’d like to commemorate the awesome films that were made right in our neighborhood. McKinney is a beautiful, vibrant city that makes the perfect setting for a dramatic movie. We’re proud to present 10 awesome movies and shows that were filmed in or inspired by the surrounding Texas area.

1. Prison Break

This show is supposed to take place in Chicago, but the first episode of the second season was actually filmed here in McKinney, TX. The cemetery scenes were filmed at Pecan Grove Cemetery near McKinney National Airport. As the plot progresses, the show changes scenery and the rest of the show is shot in Downtown McKinney.

This show may not be appropriate for younger audiences. Save this show for the adults and try reading a book about braces or teeth with your kids instead! It’ll help them warm up to visits to the dentist or orthodontist later on.

2. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Yes, Jimmy Neutron was an animated show set in a fictional city, but it has a special place in our hearts here at Showtime Smiles Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry. The plot centers on a young prodigy who gets in interesting situations when his inventions go haywire.  It’s heavily insinuated that the show took place in Texas, most likely Austin. Close enough for us!

In one episode, Jimmy visits the dentist and creates a pain-transference helmet for the appointment. Though it was funny, it’s important to note that visits to the dentists shouldn’t be scary or painful! Dental anxiety often stems from these misrepresentations of the dentist in popular culture. If you plan to show this episode to your kids, follow up with a dental-friendly movie. We have an awesome list of tooth-themed entertainment for a dental movie marathon that we’d love for our patients to see. 

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3. The Ant Bully

This movie was developed in the same Texas studio that created The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, DNA Productions. It’s about a young boy who is shrunk down to the size of an ant and has to learn to survive in their colony. Since it’s an animated film, many people also worked on it at studios in Burbank, CA and Canada!

In the movie, the main character eats tons of sugary sweets with the ants when he’s living with them. While that may have been okay for the little insects, we’re humans! Sugar causes plaque and dental decay, so make sure your diet consists of more than a handful of jelly beans.

4. Bonnie & Clyde

Based on a real story, Bonnie and Clyde was a popular film from 1967 about a criminal couple on the run. Though it was filmed in both Texas and California, the actual events that inspired the movie took place in Dallas, TX. To this day, there is still a memorial in McKinney dedicated to the exploits of Bonnie and Clyde.

Fun Fact: The time period that this movie was filmed was also a pivotal point for the dental industry. After the second world war, disposable, sterilized needles and high-speed drills were introduced to the medical field. Dentists began to take their practice more seriously and operated with more caution.

5. Queen of the South

In this modern crime thriller, a young woman achieves the American Dream but not in a conventional way. The rags-to-riches story follows Teresa Mendoza, a poor girl who gains respect and power by rising to the top of a drug empire that runs throughout the US and Central America. Because her influence is so widespread in the series, filming takes place in many different locations, such as Dallas, Waxahachie, Lancaster, and even cities in Spain!

We’d like to note: it’s not the most family-friendly series, so parents, be mindful of whether your children are around if you plan on starting the show! For adults, it is a great example of how drugs can be detrimental your health and teeth with prolonged use. 

6. Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights is a television series that takes place in the fictional city of Dillon, TX, but it was originally filmed in Austin, TX. The show is about a local football team and the lives of the people involved, such as coaches, players, and parents.

If you or your children play contact sports like football, remember to wear protection for your head and teeth, especially if you have braces. In Friday Night Lights, you can’t always tell whether the athletes are using mouthguards, but in real life, we encourage our patients to use them during every game and practice. Mouthguards will protect the teeth and jaw from shattering in the event of a hard tackle or rogue football to the face.

7. Murder in the Heartland

Shot in and around McKinney, Murder in the Heartland is a mini-series about Charles Starkweather, a serial murderer. The award-winning show is based on a true story; however, the actual events conspired in Nebraska, not Texas. Again, this show isn’t exactly kid-friendly, so refrain from choosing it as your pick for family movie night. An excellent mystery to check out instead is Zootopia or Scooby Doo! 

8. Office Space 

Ron Livingston and Jennifer Aniston star in this cult classic about a hypnotism gone wrong. It was filmed in Austin, Texas because the director wanted it to take place in a “bleak work situation.” While the movie was great, we have to say Texas is far from bleak!

In the film, characters are often seen sipping on a mug of hot coffee to get through the mundane day. Having a cup once in a while is okay, but we definitely advise against having coffee all the time. The beverage has teeth-staining tannins that could be difficult and costly to remove. 

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9. Robocop

Though this action-filled cyberpunk movie was supposed to take place in Detroit, it was actually filmed in Dallas, TX. Even though it took place back in 1987, the film continues to influence culture to this day, getting references from Kanye West, Deadpool, and Family Guy. Interestingly enough, the only part of Robocop that wasn’t covered in metal was his mouth, even though that’s where people traditionally have metal in their fillings! 

10. Benji

Calling all dog-lovers – Benji is a classic family movie about a mixed breed dog and his adventures. It was filmed right here in McKinney, Texas on Louisiana Street! If you’re interested, Netflix also released an easily accessible reboot of the movie for younger audiences last March!

Throughout this heartwarming movie, viewers also get to see the development of Cindy’s first two front teeth, which are missing at the beginning of the film. If your child is also growing out their first teeth, it’s the perfect time to visit the pediatric dentist for a checkup!

Inspired by these awesome shows and films? So are we! We love getting sucked into the storylines of relatable characters, but we also know it’s easy to finish off a whole bucket of popcorn when you’re not paying attention. That’s why we’d like to remind our patients with braces to be mindful of what they’re snacking in the theater or binge-watching Netflix at home. Check out our movie night snack guide for ideas! 

We love giving our patients the red carpet experience and camera-ready smiles whenever they visit us in McKinney. Stop by at our dental office in McKinney if you have any questions about orthodontics or pediatric dentistry.