Movie Night Snack Ideas

Our staff here at Showtime Smiles Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry loves going to the movies. We even have a television in our office, where you can watch movies while getting your teeth cleaned! While you can’t really enjoy snacks while you’re watching movies on our big screen, you can enjoy them at the theater or during an at-home movie night. Of course, it is perfectly okay to #treatyoself every once in awhile, but we wanted to give you some ideas for treats that you can enjoy on a more regular basis while still being kind to your teeth!


Dark Chocolate

Are you surprised to see chocolate on this list? To be fair, we’re not advocating for milk chocolate or chocolate with caramel in it. Dark chocolate, which has much lower sugar content, actually contains a compound called CBH, which studies show may be more effective at fighting cavities than flouride!



Nachos are a great low-sugar option at the movie theater, and they often come with different topping choices so you can customize your own snack (especially if you’re making them for an at-home movie night!). Be careful if you have braces though, you’ll want to avoid crunchy corn chips. Make sure your nachos are made from tortilla chips, and if you’re making them at home try microwaving your serving for a few extra seconds to soften your chips with warm cheesy goodness! Did you know that cheese is actually good for your teeth? Bonus points!


Soft Pretzel

Most movie theaters carry warm pretzels at their concessions counter. This snack can be a great alternative to candy, as it is easier to chew, it contains way less sugar, and it is easier to control your portion size. You can even try it with a cheese dipping sauce for a little extra tooth care boost!


Candy Bars with Nuts

We get it, sometimes you just need a candy bar. We recommend that you choose candy bars that contain real nuts, as they can break up the stickiness of the rest of the candy. Nuts also contain protein, iron, and other compounds that are good for your teeth and you body! If you have braces, opt for candies that contain nut butter instead of nuts, like peanut butter cups or almond butter cups!



Soft drinks like soda and lemonade are pretty bad for your teeth, and even worse for braces. If you want to treat yourself to a sugary drink, opt for a milkshake! Dairy contains calcium and other vitamins that promote bone and tooth health. If you don’t do dairy, try making a dairy-free shake with your favorite soy or nut milk! You’ll be able to get most of the same health benefits, and with a lower amount of sugar.


Popcorn – A Sticky Situation

Popcorn is the classic movie theater snack, and as long as you don’t have braces it is alright to have once in a while. Avoid eating the unpopped kernels that gather at the bottom of the bucket, as those get stuck in your teeth and can lead to serious and painful dental issues. Make sure you floss or at least use a toothpick after eating popcorn to help prevent against these problems.


We hope this list gave you some great ideas for your next movie night!