Damon Braces System In Mckinney, Tx

Damon Braces System For A Better Smile

The Damon System is a revolutionary and advanced way of straightening teeth. Damon braces require less tightening and fewer adjustments because they utilize shape-memory wires. Instead of using elastics to hold the archwire in place, Damon braces use a sliding component that is a part of the brackets. This component closes around the wire, making adjusting and straightening teeth easy and comfortable.

Advantages Of Damon System Braces

Skip Space Making -Traditional braces and other forms of braces may require methods beyond braces to make the space necessary to create a perfect smile. This may mean that you need to have teeth extracted, or you have to wear a palatal expander. The Damon System eliminates the need for these additional measures, which can decrease the time you need to wear braces, and increase your comfort throughout the process.

Faster than Ever – The Damon System emphasizes providing faster treatment for dental patients. The way the system works allows patients to come in for fewer appointments and wear braces for less time. Despite all this, your results will be just as beautiful.

Focus on your Whole Face – Damon braces are built to improve more than your smile. Damon System braces work to enhance your face shape, and your overall appearance, in a way that other kinds of braces do not.

Appearance Options – If you choose to use Damon System braces, you also have the choice between silver and clear braces. If you feel more comfortable going with a more subtle approach, clear Damon braces work just as well as the regular option. Both of the Damon System options are designed to be smaller and less noticeable than traditional metal braces.

Increased Cleanliness – The elastics of traditional braces may attract bacteria and plaque. Because the Damon System does not use these elastics, your teeth will remain cleaner throughout the process. By avoiding excess bacteria, your smile will look better and be healthier once the braces come off.

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