At Showtime Smiles, we’ll make a great first impression! With our iTero digital scanner, we’ve eliminated the need for messy, goopy, putty-like traditional dental impressions.

NiTero scanner for orthodonticso more putty impressions? Tell me more!

Our iTero scanner digitally captures what we need to know with a quick and comfortable scan of the mouth. Dr. Dan will wave his magic wand for just a few minutes in your mouth and get everything he needs to build your custom treatment plan!

So it’s more comfortable?

Yes indeed! No goop, no gagging. Just a quick, comfortable scan. Aside from added comfort to our patients, the images the iTero scanner produces are more detailed and 3D, which means more accurate results!

What is this digital scan used for?

Dr. Dan uses these 3D images to create a model of your teeth and gums. From there, he will design an orthodontic treatment plan that’s completely customized to each patient’s individual needs. Pretty cool, huh?!

So my treatment will be even better?

Yep! The digital impressions are highly accurate, more so than the putty-like impressions of the past. And the BEST part– you’ll be able to view a treatment outcome simulation on the screen so you can see what your teeth will look like at the end of treatment! You don’t have to imagine what they will look like when you can see for yourself.

Is the scan safe?

You bet! The iTero scanner is completely safe. IT emites no radiation and simply uses digital software to create the 3D image of your teeth and gums.

I’m sold!

So are we! If you’re ready to get your smile outcome simulation to view your smile’s potential, call or text us at 972.547.4443 today!