The American Association of Orthodontists recommends getting your first orthodontic checkup by 7 years old.

Why so soon? Around the age of 7, permanent teeth start to replace baby teeth. This is the optimal time to start monitoring your child’s jaw development and to make sure permanent teeth are growing in correctly. As part of our Junior Showstoppers Kids Club, Dr. Dan will monitor your child’s jaw and bite for potential orthodontic issues related to:

  • Crowding
  • Crooked teeth
  • Jaw misalignment
  • Facial imbalance
  • Protruding teeth

Though treatment may not yet be needed at this early age, we do recommend orthodontic growth check-ups twice per year starting at age 7 to monitor your child’s jaw growth. We offer these check-ups free as part of our Junior Showstoppers Kids Club! In some cases, early treatment can help children avoid more extensive orthodontic treatment later on, such as tooth extractions and surgery.

Call or text 972.547.4443 to schedule your child’s free orthodontic growth check-up today. 

Advantages of Expanders:

A palatal expander is a custom made device that fits onto the roof of your mouth, helping widen the upper jaw. Palatal expanders are installed into the roof of your mouth and place gentle pressure so that the teeth widen out.

Palatal expanders are a great option for children and youth with growing smiles! It helps take advantage of the normal growth that children are going through when they are young, so that when they need braces, it will be much easier.

  • Short wear! Expanders are not worn nearly as long as braces. The typical palatal expanders are typically needed from 3 to 6 months.
  • No pain here! Expanders are easy to install and do not cause much discomfort or any pain. There is typically less pressure when activating a palatal expander than tightening braces.
  • Makes braces easier! Expanders can help a variety of orthodontic conditions before you put braces on. This makes your kiddo’s time in braces easier and often shorter! Common conditions treated with expanders include impacted teeth, crossbite, and crowding.

Advantages of Braces:

Orthodontic braces come in many shapes and sizes these days! From traditional metal braces to high-tech, more discreet Damon braces, and even clear braces, we offer it all at Showtime Smiles.

Braces are placed on the teeth and guided by an orthodontist to give you a straight, beautiful smile and a comfortable and stable bite. However, there
are more benefits than what meets the eye!

  • Boosted Oral Health! When teeth are misaligned, they can be more difficult to brush and floss properly and can become a cavity’s paradise! Getting braces ultimately makes your teeth easier to take care of and can prevent tooth decay.
  • Self-Esteem! Having a straight smile helps people of all ages to feel more confident. Whether it’s simply choosing to smile more or even speak more
    in public, a beautiful straight smile can give your little one the confidence they need.
  • They’re Fixed to the Teeth! Unlike other orthodontic appliances that can be removed, metal braces are affixed to the teeth. Your child won’t be able to remove them, which helps to keep treatment on-time. Just avoid broken brackets and take good care of your teeth, and we’ll have your child out of
    braces and showing off their new smile in no time!

Would you like for your child to avoid difficulty eating, an incorrect bite, and expensive dental care? Bring your child into Dr. Dan for customized and compassionate care. Early prevention can mean an easier and more comfortable future for you and your child. Schedule an initial exam by contacting our office today.