Traditional Dental Braces in McKinney, TX

Traditional Dental Braces

Traditional metal braces are still the most popular way to get the straight and beautiful smile that you want. Today’s dental braces have been improved and are smaller and less invasive than ever. Dentists have created metal braces that are more comfortable, less noticeable, and will get you the great results that you are looking for.

How Traditional Braces Work

  • Your dentist will attach the brackets to the fronts of each of your teeth with a bonding material.
  • He will connect the archwire to the brackets with elastic bands. The archwire will run through all of your brackets. This wire is made of a thin metal and it is the component will move your teeth into their proper positions.
  • When the archwire puts pressure on your teeth, whether it is up and down or side to side, your teeth will loosen slightly and move.
  • Your teeth will then readjust to their new and improved positions. Your bone tissue will grow back in and your teeth will stay in place. Essentially, your orthodontist is remodeling your bone structure to make it more beautiful than ever before.
  • You will come in for adjustments every few weeks so that you can see your perfect smile as quickly as possible.

Benefits Of Wearing Traditional Dental Braces

  • Most cost effective way to straighten teeth
  • Colored bands allow you to create a style all your own
  • Can Correct crooked and crowded teeth
  • Can fix a misaligned bite and other jaw problems
  • Can eliminate issues associated with eating and speaking
  • Create a sparkling straight smile that you can be proud to share

If you want a straighter smile and improved bite, set up an appointment with Dr. Dan today. He can consult with you about your options so that you can determine if traditional braces are right for you. You can contact our McKinney, Texas office here or call us at 972-547-4443 to schedule an appointment.