Wildsmiles Braces In Mckinney, Tx

Our dentists and staff want all of their patients to have a good time at the office. You shouldn’t have to dread visiting your dentist, so we do what we can to make your time with us a fun experience. Our friendly dentists and team are just the beginning. We also offer the fun orthodontics that make braces a blast: Wildsmiles Braces.

What Are Wildsmiles Braces?

Wildsmiles Braces are all about making braces a fun and enjoyable experience.Wildsmiles allows you or your child to show your style, creativity, and hobbies with every smile. Wildsmiles brackets break away from the traditional square–instead, there are lots of fun shapes to choose from! You can show your love of sports with our sports balls or footballs brackets, or show off a more girly side with hearts or flowers. Other shapes we offer include ultra-cool super diamonds and stars. On top of choosing your own interesting shape, you can also select any color of rubber band you can think of.

Wildsmiles Braces work just like traditional braces–they just make the whole experience more exciting. They consist of brackets on each teeth and an archwire that is attached to the brackets. Your dentist will tighten the wire and the teeth will shift accordingly. Once the teeth have loosened and shifted to the correct places, the jawbone will grow back in and restore tooth strength. Our shaped brackets work just as effectively as traditional brackets do to give you a beautifully straight smile.

Come Walk On The Wild Side

Be ready to get creative while you are waiting for your perfect smile. If you want your braces experience to be more unique and fun, you need to find a dentist that offers Wildsmiles Braces. You can count on our dentists to provide that entertaining braces experience.

To learn if Wildsmiles Braces are right for you, set up an appointment with Dr. Dan. We can’t wait to start creating your ideal smile. You can contact our McKinney, Texas office here or call us at 972-547-4443 to schedule an appointment.