Smile For Your Close Up!

Smile For Your Close Up!

Whether you’re a successful movie star or a junior high school student, having a smile you feel confident about can drastically improve your self image and self esteem. It takes guts to put yourself out there! While measuring self confidence is very subjective, it is important to understand the connection between orthodontic care and self esteem so that doctors can serve our patients better and patients know what they have to look forward to once their braces are off!

Can my braces really affect my self image?

Yes! Orthodontists call this oral health-related quality of life, or OHRQoL. What a mouthful, right? This fancy and technical term essentially refers to the relationship between a patient’s oral health and overall well being. OHRQoL is a way of understanding how orthodontic care affects other aspects of a patient’s life. Evidence has shown that OHRQoL often improves after orthodontic treatment. This makes logical sense, as correcting dental issues that can cause insecurity helps boost your confidence!

While the actual clinical research on these psychological aspects of orthodontic treatment are relatively new, orthodontic patients have been reporting greater confidence and self esteem after having their smiles straightened for a very long time. Countless patients of our own have come back to share their testimonials with us, and nothing makes us happier than hearing that our work helps our patients feel like the rockstars they are!

Is a confident smile really that important?

Of course it is! From a young age, a child’s ability to interact with and smile at new people, laugh without feeling embarrassed, and consider themselves worthy of attention and accomplishments all affect their quality of life and the formation of their self esteem. As an adult this is still true, with additional advantages like feeling more comfortable smiling in job interviews. Studies have shown that smiling for just a few seconds can make you happier by engaging the same facial muscles you use when you are actually happy. Smiling can also reduce the production of stress-response hormones and encourage the production of mood-enhancing hormones!

How can my orthodontist help?

Your orthodontist should be aware of the ways that their work and the end results of your treatment can affect your life. There are many orthodontic options available, such as Invisalign, that may fit into your lifestyle better than traditional metal braces. No matter which option you choose, it is important to keep the results of your treatment in mind. A year or two of braces is worth the lifetime of confidence that comes after!

The most important part of your orthodontic treatment is you! If you are ready to take the next step toward a confident smile, schedule a consultation with us today!