Three Reason to Visit the Orthodontist in 2019!

Happy New Year from all of us at Showtime Smiles! With the new year comes new goals, intentions, and resolutions that we set for ourselves. For many people, their resolutions include getting healthier by implementing a new workout routine or deciding to make better food choices. One thing that is often forgotten, is that your oral health plays a huge part in your overall health! Maybe you have been thinking of getting braces, but have been putting it off for a various number of reasons. With the new year, there is no time better than now!

Improve Your Confidence

Many people often mention that the first thing they notice about other people is their smile! We want you to be able to put your best foot forward when meeting new people, and to do so confidently and without reservation. When you take photos, we want you to feel comfortable in your skin and to be able to smile as wide as you possibly can! This new found confidence in yourself can truly improve all other aspects of your life in ways you might not even know yet. If you are worried about people seeing your braces, or having them appear in photographs, Invisalign is the perfect solution for you!

Improve Your Oral Health

As mentioned before, improving your oral health can also improve your overall health simultaneously because they all work together! For starters, having crooked teeth is often more than just an aesthetic issue. It can also lead to larger issues later in life. For example, having misaligned teeth can cause difficulties with chewing and speaking as well as create the possibility for TMJ. Cleaning your teeth when they are crowded together also becomes more difficult because it is harder to get in between each tooth and fully remove plaque buildup. When teeth are evenly aligned, it is much easier to clean them because their surfaces are visible, rather than crowded on top of each other.

Choose a Less Invasive Method

One of the biggest reasons that people avoid going to get orthodontic work done is because they fear how they will look during the process and what other people might think of them. This fear is understandable because often times adults want to improve their looks in a subtle way without other people noticing too drastically. Luckily, with today’s technology there are options like Invisalign and Clear Braces that are almost invisible to the naked eye. For some adults, treatment can even be completed in just under a year and a half! It is important to remember that before starting this process as an adult, you can see results in the same amount of time that children or teenagers can. There is no specific windows of opportunity that crooked teeth must be fixed in, they can be fixed at any age! Some adults even see better results than children and teenagers because they tend to take even better care of their teeth.

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