Why Are Interceptive Orthodontics Important?

Traditionally, it didn’t make sense for orthodontists to suggest braces until all of the baby teeth were replaced by adult teeth. But nowadays more orthodontists are praising the benefits of interceptive orthodontics. While this style of two-phase treatment might not be useful for everyone, it is proving to be a very effective treatment for kids with more complex orthodontic issues.

Showtime Smiles Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry® is proud to provide interceptive orthodontics for children with complicated alignment or bite issues. Dr. Dan and his experienced team recognize the benefits of starting orthodontics early, both to make your child’s development more comfortable and also to make treatment down the road less intensive. Before calling our McKinney office, keep reading to learn more about the importance of interceptive orthodontics for some kids.


Phase I treatment refers to an early, interceptive treatment for kids who haven’t lost all of their baby teeth. Typically, orthodontists wait until the early teenage years to begin any form of fixed orthodontic treatment. By then, most of the adult teeth will have grown in, so you wouldn’t have to waste any time or money on aligning impermanent baby teeth.

But orthodontists are realizing that interceptive orthodontic treatment can bring big benefits even before the adult teeth are grown in. Adjusting the baby teeth can encourage healthier alignment in the subsequent adult teeth. You can also create space for adult teeth to grow into their ideal spot. While phase I treatment will typically require a second set of orthodontic treatment down the road, it makes the second treatment more about fine-tuning than major adjustments.


The biggest benefit of interceptive orthodontic treatment is that it sets patients up for an easier treatment down the road. Some alignment issues can become extremely complicated by the time one enters their teenage years. But if you started treatment sooner, even with baby teeth, you could guide the teeth towards a more natural alignment.

But the benefits of early treatment are twofold. Interceptive orthodontics will also improve your child’s smile in the moment. Why wait until the teenage years to attain a beautiful smile? Further, with complicated issues like crossbites, overbites and underbites, your child could see a serious improvement to their quality of life in the time that they’d be waiting for their adult teeth to come in!


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