Why Orthodontists Often Recommend Clear Aligners


Invisalign clear aligners are becoming very popular and are being used by a sizable proportion of the 4 million Americans that wear braces. Invisalign “braces” are designed not to draw any attention while correcting your misaligned teeth. They are made from clear, BPA-free plastic aligners, making your braces invisible.

Orthodontists customize these aligners by taking a 3D scan of your mouth. They are then set in your mouth, where they slowly move the teeth into their appropriate positions. If you are looking for an alternative to metal braces, clear braces or Invisalign clear aligners may be the right solution for you.

1. You Can Take the Aligners Out
Orthodontist recommend clear aligners because they are removable. Invisalign aligners need only be worn for twenty to 22 hours every day, giving you a two-hour window to take them out. This makes it easier for you to eat, as clear aligners don’t force you to change your diet or change how you eat food. Remember, taking your aligners out for these two hours will not affect how your teeth look like in the end.

2. They are More Comfortable
Using metal braces to move your teeth into their correct position can sometimes be uncomfortable. However, clear aligners make this process much easier on you. For starters, Invisalign aligners are tied to fewer gum and mouth complications. They are plastic retainers that fit snugly into the patient’s mouth, so they won’t scratch the inside of your cheeks. With no protruding wires and metal edges, you won’t have to worry about sores or other injuries.

3. They Have a Better Aesthetic Than Traditional Braces
Invisalign is clear and not noticeable, unlike traditional metal braces. They are also much less conspicuous than metal braces, making them the right choice for many teens and adults alike. With this option, your friends and coworkers probably won’t even know you’re straightening your teeth.

4. Clear Aligners Provide Easier Dental Care
Orthodontists often recommend Invisalign aligners because they are less invasive than metal braces. The fact that they can be removed for two to four hours a day makes it possible for you to brush your teeth or floss without hassle. You should remove them any time you’re brushing your teeth to enable you clean your teeth easily and effectively. In the end, that means that there will be no barriers to your oral health — which becomes even more important as you age, as orthodontists and dentists will tell you.

Orthodontic Treatment and a Happier Life
Misaligned teeth can cause a lot of anguish to the inflicted. They are difficult to clean, making it hard to dislodge little bits of food that get caught in between them. This makes one more likely to suffer from teeth cavities, plaque and bad breath.

Beautiful, well-aligned teeth are quite important, psychologically speaking. Studies have shown that individuals with brilliant smiles tend to feel more confident and comfortable with themselves than those who don’t. Pursuing teeth alignment as an adult will boost your self-esteem and even allow you to achieve goals in your personal or professional life. And thanks to Invisalign, no one will ever realize how you did it. To learn more about how clear aligners can improve your quality of life (and your smile!), please contact us today.